Logo PT Kumata Indonesia

Graphic Design

Whether creating your corporate identity, create your branding or package design, we’ll help you visualize your creative needs.

Company / Product Brand Development

Deciding on a logo or brand of a company or product requires an in-depth consideration that not only focuses on the visual side but also in implementing the vision and mission, Psychology, and the target market of the company among other things. Kumata Studio is ready to help you discover your company’s or product’s new “face” that will interact straight with your customers.

Marketing & Promotion Material

In creating a promotion strategy of a company or a brand, the right communication tools and materials are needed to insure that the message you are trying to impart will be received by the market. Kumata Studio can help you with finding out the ‘what’ and ‘how’ to say your message to your market.


Illustration is an essential supporting visual element that gives depth to the message you are trying to convey, therefore, the style of an Illustration is crucial to the project at hand. Kumata Studio is home to a number of highly skilled resource artists that are able to produce Illustration works in a variety of styles.
We provide animation services for all of your creative endeavors. From products, commercials, company profiles and other creative contents.
Offering more than just website design, we provide consultation, from concept to final design, to get the best website to represent your products or services.
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