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Below is a current list of Kumata's original works developed by our creative team. Please contact us if you would like to discuss arrangements such as co-production, licensing, sponsorship, distribution, etc.

  • Miles & Stone

    Miles and Stone the animated series tells the story of two carefree Mammals who works as couriers and the adventures they encounter while working in the Town of Kinabaloo Carpet.

  • How Are You Mr. Dan?

    A teaching tool for children who are learning English as a second language, complete with songs, videos, worksheets, arts & crafts, games and more.

  • Trash Talk

    Follow an assortment of talking waste disposal containers through a series of short, zany, sarcastic sketches that show you how “full of it” they really are.

  • Galli Leo Lei

    Preschoolers will love these 3 cute little mice who sing a lot and use science to find solutions to their mousey troubles.

  • Biggu Buddy

    Biggu Buddy is an animated comedy series that imagines a world where movie monsters have their own normal personal lives to deal with when they're not busy destroying cities.

  • The Demits

    The Demits is a comedy about struggling to find your place in a new world and how the mistakes you made while you were alive can still come back to haunt you even after you're dead.

  • Fantasy End

    Leave your logic at the door and jump inside the world of Fantasy End where Luna and her merry group of friends takes you on the most magical, illogical and hysterical adventures in each 11 minutes episode.

  • Kios Aki

    The comical misadventures of a grouchy old shop owner as he deals with annoying customers, local thugs, and everything else that happens around his small street side stall.

  • Little Elf

    Kumata's enchanting line of designs for clothing and merchandise.

  • MochoMocho

    Young readers will love these fun book apps with colorful accompanying pictures as they hear the words and read along with the narrators of the stories.

  • Katabrak

    Show your skills as wordsmith and a quick thinker with this addictive game app. The fun can't be put into words!

  • Tumblin Terracotta

    You'll need a keen sense of balance and agility with your phone or tablet in hand when you play this fun and challenging physics-based game app.