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A Ghost Story with Frightening Potential!

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Only two months after releasing The Demits, our homespun animated comedy based on Indonesian folklore, the series has reached 7000 YouTube viewers and has received an overwhelming positive response from a growing grassroots fan base.

Based on local Indonesian ghost tales and myths, The Demits is a comedy about struggling to find your place in a strange world. When our hero, Demi, finds that the afterlife is just as awkward and embarrassing as life on earth, it creates an intriguing situation for storytelling. In the realm of the unliving, he must adjust to a new environment filled with a variety of wacky ghost and ghouls. Luckily, he meets some new friends that show him the ropes and even help him settle some unfinished business he had in the living world.

With the local flavor of Indonesia's folklore enriched with endearingly freakish characters, there's little wonder why Indonesians are enthused about The Demits. Creating The Demits has been a unique undertaking, since the country of Indonesia can boast very little of its own homegrown animation. Even the limited Indonesian animation that currently exists on the market is strictly geared toward young children; Indonesia has yet to have its own “Simpsons” or “Family Guy” that reaches audiences ages 13 years and older.

This type of groundbreaking effort makes The Demits an especially exciting series to follow. With the positive response to The Demits release, our team is now preparing upcoming episodes, so that the series can be enjoyed by Indonesians on an increasingly larger scale.

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