Animation Services

We provide animation services for all of your creative endeavors. From products, commercials, company profiles and other creative contents.

Visual Concept Development

Our team is ready to assist you in the cultivation of your ideas by providing conceptual art, character design, environment/prop creation, and the many other facets needed for a quality animated product. We are ready to work according to your specific timeline and needs, either through cooperative co-production or on a per-project basis.

From the Storyboard to Animatic

One important element needed before entering the production phase is a storyboard, which is necessary for the planning and sequencing of timing, camera angles, and the pose-to-pose action of characters. A storyboard allows for the creative and accurate visualization of scenes and environments. The creation of a good storyboard is a skill possessed by a trained artist with experience in the world of storyboarding and the process of digital animation. Storyboarding requires industry-standard software to speed-up processing time, especially when there are changes or additions to the story, so that the material can be outputted directly into animatic form.

2D Character Rigging & Asset Creation

Effective character design requires using vector cut-out animation techniques and asset libraries to aid in the production process. It is important that the character rigs and assets facilitate the working process for your animators. We at Kumata have mastered animation technologies such as deformation tooling, morphing, IK and other advanced digital animation techniques. Character rigs must pass a test phase so that the production process goes quickly and smoothly.

2D Animation Production

Our services in the production of 2D animation are networked into current creative industry pipelines, helping to provide you with solutions to your production needs and to make operations more effective, efficient, and most importantly, to bring your product to you on-time. Kumata’s production capacity is currently 2.5 minutes of animation per week.

Music & Sound Development

Kumata’s resident audio engineer is experienced in handling a wide variety of project needs in order to provide you with audio solutions and music designed for your specific product.

Voice Talent Casting/Directing/ Recording

Have you been searching for a voice that is just right to narrate your ad? Or maybe your ad needs a voice-over done by an actor with that "certain sound" to their voice? We have an extensive database of experienced voice actors who have been working with us on the various projects that we have created over the years.
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